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Privilege: The thing that unites white people everywhere

Here are a few snippets of the ugly side of privilege…


Midget Indians and the Teachable Moments of Everyday Racism

Every Memorial Day my daughter and mother go to a camp in the mountains to partake in nature and its attendant outdoor activities. Knowing that I’d get cool mom bonus points forever if I go, I decided to go meet them up there this year. Had I not, my writing drought may have continued. My […]

Blackface in 2013

A friend of mine who is working in England sent me this picture recently. She went to a bar where a person from South Africa was dressed in blackface. This is 2013, right?

Embracing our diversity

I have been on work travel in West and Central Africa over the last few weeks and have begun to reflect on my various experiences. I remembered an article I read last year by Demetria Lucas entitled, “Not African Enough in Africa” , which prompted me to seriously think about what the Diaspora means to […]