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Microaggressions (a.k.a. Some B***s***)

This is a post about microaggressions. Except I hate calling them that, much for the same reason that people hate the term “alt-right.” I’d rather call these things what they are…some b***s***. My name is Portia. And for reasons that I sometimes understand (but mostly don’t), people have a hell of a time pronouncing my […]

I am Sandra Bland

While driving home with my daughter late one night over the holidays, we were stopped by a police officer. My daughter had fallen asleep while driving, but was awakened by the lights and sirens of the police car. She immediately became scared and started sobbing in the back seat. I assured her as best I could, […]

Reflection on “VICE: Fixing the System”

On September 27, 2015 HBO debuted the VICE Special Report: Fixing the System. If you haven’t seen it, please go to right now and take 60 well deserved minutes and watch! Thank me later. I know, I know… why should you care about people in prison? They made a bad decision and deserve their […]

Racial Imbalance in ‘Objective’ Journalism: Grandparenting

This past weekend I came across an article in The Economist from Lexington’s notebook on grandparents raising grandchildren – a phenomenon that typically conjures thoughts of struggling, broken black families. “Child-rearing grandparents are disproportionately black, but in absolute terms most are white, live above the poverty line and own their own homes.” Even after noting […]