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A rap ode to whiteness?

Over the Labor Day weekend I went to Made in America in Philadelphia. Maybe I am a bit behind the times since I haven’t listened to Macklemore’s independent debut The Heist yet, but when I was watching him perform “Irish Celebration” I was uber uncomfortable yet perplexed at the same time…and for a number of […]

Shopping While Black: Money Can’t Buy You Everything

A few weeks ago, I was listening to a segment on NPR’s TELL ME MORE called Snooty Swiss Saleswoman Equals Racism? The segment was in reference to the recent media hoopla about Oprah Winfrey’s shopping experience in Switzerland. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Oprah was discussing her sentiments about the use of the N-word. […]

Review of FX’s “The Bridge”: Being Provocative by Raising a Racial Issue Where There’s Not

Television shows are often used to address forward-thinking and competing views on important issues in society. NBC’s Law & Order: SVU and (now cancelled) Harry’s Law were infamous for addressing issues such as domestic violence, gay marriage, political sex scandals, etc. Some shows have taken the opportunity to also put forth images of changing norms […]