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Experiencing Magic in Summer16

Every once in awhile I am blessed to experience magical moments. This summer I am grateful to have experienced three of those moments so far. When Yas text me about an event, Art & Social Justice on Broadway, I was sold at the title. I am generally interested in these topics, so I needed very […]

Quantico: Provocative or Stereotypical?

Each week I tune into Quantico on ABC, and I love it, but I find it to be a guilty pleasure. Quantico has made a name for itself by casting Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra, as the first Indian lead in a US television series. However, I cannot seem to shake the guilt surrounding my enjoyment […]

Reflection on “VICE: Fixing the System”

On September 27, 2015 HBO debuted the VICE Special Report: Fixing the System. If you haven’t seen it, please go to right now and take 60 well deserved minutes and watch! Thank me later. I know, I know… why should you care about people in prison? They made a bad decision and deserve their […]

Who’s Who at the Oscars

Last night I was watching On the The Red Carpet at the Oscars, the pre-show on ABC. As a lighter-skinned black man walked the red carpet the caption read “Common now on the red carpet.” I turned to my friend in shock “That’s Common?! It can’t be. He looks terrible!” My friend replied, “Yea, he looks […]

An Open Letter to Disney

Dear Disney, I spent the past few days at Disney World with the hopes of making all of my daughter’s dreams come true. And I did, with very few shortcomings. But these shortcomings, though few, were meaningful enough for me to write this open letter. My daughter was very much looking forward to this (very […]

“Dark Girls”: A Look at Colorism and Internalized Racism

Portia recently posted on her experience with colorism and dating. The term colorism was coined by Alice Walker in 1982 to describe the discrimination based upon the social meanings attached to skin color. It is not solely related to the African Diaspora, as colorism is felt in many other communities around the world, including Asia […]

Blackface in 2013

A friend of mine who is working in England sent me this picture recently. She went to a bar where a person from South Africa was dressed in blackface. This is 2013, right?