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Experiencing Magic in Summer16

Every once in awhile I am blessed to experience magical moments. This summer I am grateful to have experienced three of those moments so far. When Yas text me about an event, Art & Social Justice on Broadway, I was sold at the title. I am generally interested in these topics, so I needed very […]

Diversity at Wellesley

It has been a while since I’ve been inspired to post. It is not because of lack of stories on #whyracestillmatters but more about the emotional burden that overwhelms me every time I hear about how our lives don’t matter. We have been reminded of this time and time again, even by the highest court […]

Reflection on “VICE: Fixing the System”

On September 27, 2015 HBO debuted the VICE Special Report: Fixing the System. If you haven’t seen it, please go to right now and take 60 well deserved minutes and watch! Thank me later. I know, I know… why should you care about people in prison? They made a bad decision and deserve their […]

On being treated like Shaneequa…

My daughter attends a charter school in Newark run by a charter school corporation. Dealing with her school is particularly taxing, as there are a number of factors that inform the interaction. The below-mentioned conversation with the Dean of my daughter’s school was regarding the school uniform policy and the absurd attendance policy of suspending students for […]

The End of Affirmative Action

I know I’m a slacker on the blog post front (sorry WRSM-er’s [wait, is that what our readers are called?]) anyway… I had to break my silence on the recent SCOTUS ruling re- affirmative action. If you cool kids haven’t heard, the Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action ruling came down, 6-2 banning state […]

“You Don’t Look Like You Went to Wellesley…”

I have been on a slight hiatus from writing for reasons that were unclear to me until I discovered that it had been awhile since I encountered ignorance. This very blissful vacation from ignorance came to an abrupt end last week as I was sitting at lunch after a talk about stop & frisk and […]

Where are all the black men in Higher Education?

While scrolling on Facebook today, I came across an article that gave me pause. It was entitled, “Why All African American Males Should Go to College, But Probably Won’t.” I had the honor of attending Spelman College for undergrad, which of course has Morehouse across the street. (Morehouse is the only all male historically black […]