AfroPunk Reflections

I attended my first Afropunk this weekend.

What impressed me was unlike other major festivals I’ve attended like the Roots Picnic or Made in America, there were so many different types of people there.

Young black families with thee cutest brown babies, older black people with greying dreads, hipster white families with kids in strollers clothed in dashikis, #blacklove was on full display, so many black girl #squadgoals complete with blue/pink/green/brown/locs/fros/curls/braids wearing Very Black and other conscious cool t-shirts/ crop tops/bralets/maxi dresses/kente/denim cutoffs/ rompers/snapbacks, middle age white men grooving to Grace Jones, BLACK MEN WITH BEARDS (I’m just going to leave that there), 20somethings running up to a vendor to dance in a circle to something with a trap beat as if they were at a middle school dance, the preppy set with button ups and loafers were there, selfies galore with AfroPunk graffiti logos in the background, uber long lines for food & drinks, casual convos with strangers, and Love.

All were welcome. The vibe was everything.

It was cool. It was sexy. It was peace.

During her set Kelela said, “It feels so fucking good to be performing in front of so many beautiful black people.”


And honestly, if I had to sum up attending Afropunk: it felt amazing to be surrounded by so many cool people coming together for the sake of dope music and of course, black culture.

by: Yasmine-Imani McMorrin


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