Monthly Archives: August 2015

AfroPunk Reflections

I attended my first Afropunk this weekend. What impressed me was unlike other major festivals I’ve attended like the Roots Picnic or Made in America, there were so many different types of people there. Young black families with thee cutest brown babies, older black people with greying dreads, hipster white families with kids in strollers […]

Outrage Not Necessary

Let’s talk about this question (mostly white) people are asking about the police killing of Zachary Hammond, namely, “Where is the outrage?” This was a time for those mindlessly countering “Black Lives Matter” with “All Lives Matter” to step in and make their straw man argument; they did not. Hammond was shot twice by an […]

There’s Something Special About Ferguson

I have been out in St. Louis/Ferguson for a little over a week. A number of people have asked why I am not excessively blogging about the many protests and activism here on the ground. In many ways, I feel like that is not my role here. Those that have been on the ground for […]