Initial Thoughts On the Renisha McBride Killing

Very practical, yet insightful points!


More and more this case looks like a tragedy that did not need to happen. The homeowner is in deep trouble for his failure to prepare.

Some preliminary lessons:

  1. Mentally run through likely scenarios and incorporate “No-Shoot” and “Shoot outcomes”
    • Mentally preparing yourself will make you less “jumpy”
  2. There is no such thing as an “accidental discharge” only a negligent discharge.
    • It sounds like Theodore Wafer may have had his finger on the shotgun trigger when he was not ready to fire.
  3. If someone is frantically pounding on your front door, hold your fire and assess the situation.
    • It looks like Theodore Wafer may have acted rashly on limited information about the situation as well.
    • Assess the situation and see who it is at the door.
  4. Prepare your home in advance to maximize your advantage

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