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Woman in Detroit Receives Racist Text Mesage from Limo Company

Candis Doss, 25, called Detroit Party Bus Limo to book a limo for her mother’s birthday party. She placed this call while driving and says her phone dropped the call. Before she could call the company back she received an alarming text message: “Why do black people always just hang up…Is it an inherited thing […]

Update – Justice for Renisha

Two weeks after the killing of Renisha McBride her killer, Theodore Wafer, was finally arrested and charged with second degree murder and manslaughter. This tragic killing happened less than two months after Jonathan Ferrel, a 24 year old African-American male, was killed by police in Charlotte, North Carolina, after crashing his car into an embankment […]

Initial Thoughts On the Renisha McBride Killing

Originally posted on RealDefense:
More and more this case looks like a tragedy that did not need to happen. The homeowner is in deep trouble for his failure to prepare. Some preliminary lessons: Mentally run through likely scenarios and incorporate “No-Shoot” and “Shoot outcomes” Mentally preparing yourself will make you less “jumpy” There is no…

Justice for Renisha

First Trayvon. Then Jordan Davis was shot and killed at a Florida gas station after a dispute over loud ‘thug music’ in late 2012. Then Jonathan Ferrell, an ex-football player at Florida A&M University was fatally shot ten times by police in North Carolina in September while seeking help after a car accident, for which […]