Monthly Archives: October 2013

“Dark Girls”: A Look at Colorism and Internalized Racism

Portia recently posted on her experience with colorism and dating. The term colorism was coined by Alice Walker in 1982 to describe the discrimination based upon the social meanings attached to skin color. It is not solely related to the African Diaspora, as colorism is felt in many other communities around the world, including Asia […]

Good Hair?

Before I start, I’m well aware that this blog is dedicated to social commentary on why race still matters in the 21st century… but I think hair is as much intertwined with race as anything else. So if you’re interested in reading about my musings and adventures with my natural hair… read on : ) […]

Dating While Light-skinned: “I’m not into dark-skinned women” and Other Back-handed Courting Compliments

The dating game is hard enough as it is without the complications of race and colorism. But, in my own lived experience, the questions of race and color are impossible to avoid. In the wake of J. Cole’s comments on the prominence of colorism in the black community and taking ownership of its probable role […]