I am officially an Alabama voter. This is no small feat given that many people do not have the privilege to exercise their fundamental right to vote. Coming from New Jersey, the difference in voting experiences was sizable and readily apparent. Back home I had become used to suppression through the inexplicable changing of polling […]

I hate flying. This may be surprising to some, because I spend quite of bit of time flying these not so friendly skies. But I hate it, because airports and airplanes are where microaggressions and fairly overt biases and racism come together under the guise of “priority” and “security.” Let me provide a couple of […]

Early Sunday morning on April 22, 2018, police in Saraland, Alabama responded to a call by a white waitress complaining about a Black woman who was a patron in the restaurant. What appears to have been the woman expressing discontent at being asked to pay a surcharge for plastic utensils, resulted in police slamming the […]

I have been blessed to have a career that aligns with my personal beliefs. But it has been a journey to realize that what I’ve actually developed over time is a lifestyle. Fighting the good fight, so to speak, doesn’t end at 5 p.m. It involves speaking up when you see something wrong, showing up […]

Here are a few snippets of the ugly side of privilege…

This is a post about microaggressions. Except I hate calling them that, much for the same reason that people hate the term “alt-right.” I’d rather call these things what they are…some b***s***. My name is Portia. And for reasons that I sometimes understand (but mostly don’t), people have a hell of a time pronouncing my […]

Recently, the jury charged with determining the fate of Michael Slager was hung. Slager is the police officer accused of shooting Walter Scott in cold blood and planting a taser by his body after he ran from a traffic stop. Faced with unequivocal video evidence, the members of the jury – 11 white and one […]